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CoxTile Repairs

If your tile is chipped or cracked it may be possible to repair the installation without total replacement. CoxTile will remove the damaged tile while preserving as much of the surrounding areas as possible. When replacing damaged tile CoxTile will make every effort to match the colors of all tile and grouts as well as the type of adhesive so all the tiles will still lay at the same level. The replaced tile and grout will be sealed to protect the integrity of the new tile.
If the installation is damaged beyond simple replacement then CoxTile can remove the damaged installation and help you create a new one to match other designs in the room.

CoxTile can also repair or replace vintage tile. Because of the difficulty of matching vintage tile with newer tiles CoxTile will exhaust every possibility to keep the integrity of the original tile. We have the tools, equipment, and experience to accommodate almost any challenge.

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